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I guide women to Remarriage Success: Building Strong, Unified Families

to help elevate your remarriage journey with expert guidance, fostering trust, unity, and fulfilling family connections

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Let's overcome the unique challenges of remarriage!

In the realm of remarriage, women of faith learn the new naviagation with challenges, raising questions about integration, trust-building, and effective communication within blended families. These challenges evoke a mix of uncertainty, vulnerability, and the desire for a secure and trusting remarriage.

Seeking guidance, women aspire to transform these challenges into a path of trust, unity, and joy within remarriage. That's where I come in, I got YOU!


Scope of Services

Here's how I can help build a resilient & fulfilling second marriage:


This workbook is your companion to a thriving remarriage, offering valuable insights & actionable steps to create a fulfilling life together. You can also book private coaching calls to complement it.

*Coaching calls are available at an additional cost.


Discover our tailored support for remarried couples, emphasizing individual and collective readiness, enriched by real-life experiences and actionable tools. Gain insights and practical strategies to apply in your marriage showing the way for remarriage success.


Receive a customized plan designed exclusively for your unique remarriage journey. Covering trust-building, financial management, and spiritual alignment, ensuring you have the roadmap needed for remarriage success.


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I'm Stacie, your new remarriage coach.

Welcome to a journey designed exclusively for women of faith considering a second marriage. I'm deeply grateful you're here, exploring the transformative possibilities our program offers. Your presence here is the first step towards unlocking the tools for remarriage success. I'm honored to walk this transformative journey with you.

In this safe space, we focus on the journey ahead, nurturing trust, unity, and fulfillment in your remarriage pursuit. With over a decade of guiding individuals through similar paths, our community embraces empathy, understanding the intricacies of blending families and fostering lasting relationships. Together, we'll navigate challenges, heal from past wounds, and build a foundation for enduring love.

Join us and unlock the tools for a fulfilling and lasting remarriage!

Seamless Remarriage Guidance

Simple Steps to Your Remarriage Success:


Book a convenient session, kickstarting your journey to remarriage success with personalized guidance.


Dive into a thorough evaluation, gaining insights into your readiness and personalized improvement areas.


Receive ongoing support, coaching, & adjustments, ensuring your remarriage journey is successful, joyous, & fulfilling.

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My name is Stacie Walton, I am truly excited that you are here! Bringing over an decade of personal and professional experience, I combine my expertise with tools and help you discover your own roadmap to support you in every step of your remarriage, fostering trust, unity, and a fulfilling family life.

In my experience, I have dealt with death and divorce from the past 12 years into my own remarriage, combining 7 children from ages 9 to 18. I understand how it can be scary and difficult to try marriage again. I have been there my friend – rest assured I am uniquely qualified to help you.

My mission is to provide you with the tools to recognize your own healing process, to blend families, & practice how to build trusting relationships within your whole family unit. Remarriage doesn’t mean you have to endure it all to become happy and contented with your partner, it is made for two people to have a second chance in finding eternal happiness that you’re once looking for. It’s true, you can do this and be finally happy –“All because two people fell in love…”



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